Deploy Google Assistant Voice App

This tutorial will show how you can quickly Create and deploy your Google Assistant Voice App action from GoVocal.AI

Note: If you have already created a project and completed details on Build Section, then switch over to step 4 to create a Google Assistant voice app.

1. Create a new Project

2. Select Google Assistant Template

3. Save Project

4. Go to Setup

5. Deploy Tab

Provide details for Google Assistant Voice App &
Click One-Click Deploy

Provide the Project Id, Language, Access Token Code and Invocation Phrases(Optional).

  1. Project Id

    • Here we need your Google Assistant actions project Id to deploy directly on Google.
    • To find or create, click on Create Project link

    • Click on Add/import project

    • Enter Project Name

    • Open Project

    • Copy Project Id

    • Paste project Id

  2. Select Language

    • Select a Lanuage
  3. Access Token/Code

    • Click on get access token/code link

    • Select valid google account

    • Allow assistant cli to access google account

    • Copy access token/code

    • Paste access token/code

  4. Recommendation Phrases

    • Enter different recommendation phrases separated by comma(,)
    • Recommendation phrases are a valuable mechanism to increase the discoverability of your Action and provide a way for users to deep link into your conversation by providing a specific task to accomplish.
      Example : Ok google, talk to deals and coupons about today’s deal
      “ok google, talk to” is trigger phase.
      “deals and coupons” is invocation name.
      “about today’s deal” is recommendation phrase.

Once you have filled all the required details, Click on One-Click Deploy in the bottom right corner.

  • On successful creation, the following pop-up will occur with the title “action successfully created!”

6. Congrats! Your action has been created.

7. Test your google assistant voice app.

8. Publish your google assistant voice app.